3-D Salem Time Machine

Salem History Museum
Take our 3-D Walk-Thru Adventure into Salem’s Exciting Past!

Experience Salem’s most visited attraction. 3-D Salem Time Machine walk-thru adventure  is “the place” to start your “Salem adventure” and an experience you will not soon forget!  Let our resident historian and inventor Becket Feldspar take you for a trip back in time as you wear  our state of the art 3-D glasses that erase the boundaries between reality and fantasy as you travel thru Salem’s past and learn about what makes our city what it is today. It’s an adventure, so get ready!

Get transported back in time with our movie quality sets and special effects that utilize the human senses. You will arrive at the beginning of Salem previously know as Naumkeag in 1626 and witness Salem as it unfolded. You will walk though 350 years of Salem’s exciting and controversial past with professor, historian, inventor and explorer Beckett Feldspar as he introduces you to the influential characters of Salem’s past such as Nathaniel Hawthorn and Alissa Derby who is one of America’s first millionaires.

You will witness Salem’s dark past from 1692 and the Witch Trials to the booming success of the Industrial Revolution and America’s first endeavors in foreign trade during the Great Age of Sail.  Be careful as you travel thru Salem’s  Great Fire of 1914 where almost a third of the city burned to ash and can you keep a secret? Then we will meet a slave family and visit one of the stops on the Underground Railroad. So get ready for an time travel… And we’re off!