We are excited to announce that we are now Salem Time Machine. With the new name also comes two walk-thru attractions open only in October.

SALEM 3-D HAUNTED ADVENTURE - For families, children and those not wanting a scare, we offer our 3-D Haunted Adventure. The attraction is dressed for Halloween, but there are no actors to scare. The 16 minute walk-thru tells the story of Salem from 1650 to 1991.

SALEM 3-D HAUNTED HOUSEFor those in a Halloween state of mind we offer our 3-D Haunted House with live actors, 3-D walls, 3-D floors, black lights, and haunting sound.  Go thru at your own pace.

3-D Adventure and 3-D Haunted House tickets are INTERCHANGEABLE.   Come to whatever is playing.  

Ghost Tour tickets are sold by date and time.  Combo Tickets are sold by the date and time of your Ghost Tour.  The 3-D Haunted Adventure and 3-D Haunted House tickets are interchangeable.  Only one 3-D show runs at any time. 


October 27, 28, 29 and 30th: 3-D Haunted Attraction (no actors) 10 am to 8 pm.

Halloween:  10 am to 3 pm: 3-D Haunted Adventure (no actors)

Halloween: 3 pm to 9:30:  3-D Haunted House (live actors)

                                           SALEM TIME MACHINE IS NOW CLOSED TILL SPRING. 

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GROUP INFORMATION & RATES:  salems13ghosts@yahoo.com